A Night of Legends

The name of the title refers to an event ESPN980 holds called Lunch with a Legend.  One of the lunches they conducted was  “legendary Redskins broadcaster” Larry Michael.  EXCUSE ME?!!!  Anyway…

Last Wednesday seemed serendipitous.  I knew for months that January 27, 2010 will be big: I got Caps tickets against the Ducks for $15 each on StubHub and Shauna Moerke’s announcement that she was heading to  DC on a secret mission, which had a domino effect of the events to come.  I knew the night was going to be great…but I had no idea the day was going to be THAT great.


After a long day of HR and Recruiting consulting (and beyond), I wanted to go early to the #ConnectHR event since I had “other bidness” to attend that night.  Amazingly, I was not the first person to come in to the event.  The event immediately became packed of HR/Recruiting tweeters;  bloggers;  members of SHRM;  HRA-NCA;  visitors as far from Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Boston, even Portland, Oregon; and others.   Imagine the event as you’re stuck in a Metro train (subway for non-DC area residents) stuffed with congenial people having a conversation and saying “excuse me” a lot.  It was the cavalcade of stars that I could have list a few superstars, but it needed a link since it was that special of who attended.  Since it was crowded, it was hard to navigate to network and I didn’t get to speak to everyone on the list, but for the most part, it was great connecting to people who came all over the country just to network with other HR professionals in DC.  For that, I like to thank SHRM, SmartBrief, Monster, and Recruitingblogs.com for handling the event.

The networking was the main objective of #connecthr, but there were three bonuses that night:

  1. Everyone was taller than Mike Lupica.
  2. I won a gift bag from Monster.  I was number 27…the same number as Washington Capital Defenceman Karl Alzner…who also shares a birthday with me.  By the way, my schwag had a Flip Camera, gift card, beanie cap, and others.
  3. Before I left, China Gorman mention she uses my name as an example of a dedicated HR/Recruiting professional since I “crashed” the SHRM Leadership Conference last November and also my blog posts on HR and Recruiting.  I wanted to be sarcastic, but that was the nicest thing someone has done for me and the only thing I can say is Thank You.

#ConnectHR didn’t had many down moments, but:

  1. I won a Monster Snuggie.  Let me be clear, I like Monster and Eric Winegardner since he gives Monster a human element to the company.  I just don’t like the Snuggie. I believe when you buy a Snuggie, some cult gets rich.  To be fair, my mother loves the Snuggie, so Eric and Monster made my mother happy, but since I had to carry the Snuggie all night, my Q rating dropped that night.
  2. The event needed more Matt Bradley

Which leads to:

The Capitals and #Caps108

For two weeks, I announce that I had one ticket available for the Ducks-Capitals game, but there were no takers.  So sad because the missed a chance to get free wings since the Caps scored 5 goals in a 5-1 win over the Ducks.  In addition, they missed out on meeting Krafty at RocktheRed.net at a carving sandwich stand and another terrific #Caps108 tweetup.  Chasta and Caps Girl explain perfectly what #Caps108 is for.  If you’re a Caps fan and want to meet with other Caps fans/tweeters/media/jack of all trades, come to outside section 108 to chat and say hello.  I’ll be at the next #Caps108 next Friday against the Atlanta Thrashers to 1) root for a Caps victory, 2) convince Ilya Kovalchuk to come to Washington, and 3) bring the 2012 SHRM Annual Conference back to Washington DC from Atlanta, again.

What made the game (and the night) uniquely special was in the third period, during the last Kiss Cam segment, there was a marriage proposal.  I found that poetic that night since it was symbolic for that night.  to put a cherry on top, I finally met one of my Twitter friends, Addison (who also shares a birthday with me), at the Vienna Metro Station when both of us were heading home (he was going back to Arlington, I was heading back to Fairfax.)


In my mind, what could have been a Utopian Day was to my connect HR/Recruiters friends, Caps fans, Tony Kornheiser’s littles, the NPR Summer Class of 2005, and my friends and family all meet and network, although that might take 5-10 years for the right event ;).  That night made me think that 2010 will have a Mr. Tracy Experience* and hopefully this leads to bigger and better things.  I guess the stars and planets align on January 27, 2010 for mine and hopefully yours as well.

Oh, and Obama did his State of the Union Speech thingy.


Photos courtesy of Clearedjobs.Net

Below: Picture of me with the Capstronaut

Tracy Tran

*definition: I get pampered with love with all expenses paid trips and lodging to go to events outside of DC.  I will pay for my food and drinks 🙂


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