Barack Obama as President

When Obama takes office:

  • He will not bring a liberal agenda like most people feared.  He will bring The Team of Rivals to his cabinet.  You’re going to have liberals, conservatives, nice people and a badass in Rahm Emanuel.  You expect him give free passes to Pelosi and Reid?
  • Three key people he needs to help on the economic crisis:  Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, the new Secretary of Treasury, and Senator-elect Mark Warner.  You might not see the results now, but in segments, the economy will be better and everything will not be back to normal, but people will be comfortable.
  • Now the country is center-left, it will open up medical marijuana and possibly gay marriages and equality of all people.
  • Out goes popular jobs in the private sector.  In are jobs in the nonprofit, associations, and public sector.
  • Hearing a lot more “Green” and lower emissions to help out the auto industry.
  • Less vacation time for sure
  • A transparent society
  • A global point of view that when Obama elected president, respect has been restored
  • Finally, an excitement in Washington or anywhere that I haven’t seen ever…for politics.  Who would of thunk it?

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