Bee Season

The National Spelling Bee was last week and it has now become appointment viewing for me. In the Spelling Bee, you get a diverse set of “twitching little freaks.” And most of all, they are the most authentic people you’re going to meet. It’s the best “reality” show out there. Also, I’m glad the show is on ABC to maximize the audience. I heard at work that the huge favorite, Samir Patel, was knocked out in 13th place and everyone is shocked. At least every speller are heroes. This year, I thought it would be tri-champions, but when the Saryn Hooks got the second bell, I hope there were co-champions. Well, a German word ruined a Canadian girl and the Katharine Close, the old-veteran, won it and deservingly so. Shocker, following the event, Dirk Nowitzki (German) scored 50 points against Phoenix, led by Steve Nash, a Canadian. Next year, I need to create shirts that say “The Samir Patel Fan Club” to sell. Better hope next year he doesn’t choke.

I wish I had the super memory. I did win the school Geography Bee, but was only good to the local level. I would of showed off my personality and and be beloved and hope to get more people to pay attention to Geography. Well, that plan backfired the next day I won.

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  • We watched the spelling bee marathon on ESPN over Christmas break…for the love of God that is a lot of stress. I walked in on my 12 and 15 year old watching it and thought they had lost there minds. How boring? Right? Wrong…before I knew it I was sucked in and could not turn away from the TV.–>

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