Best Burgers and Pizza in Washington Challenge

I love the best food lists in D.C. because it makes me to discover new places. Recently, WETA has done a list of best foods in D.C.: Breakfast, Burgers, and Pizza. Breakfast is tough since I have to get in the morning and pay $5 to D.C. to travel, so we’re sticking with burgers and pizza. I have made a challenge to try every burger and pizza WETA listed for myself. Some might be tough because of travel (I don’t drive, I’m rely on city transportation), so I might not try it after all (unless you want to drive me there). I will update this list when I try a spot, but in the meantime, here is my review of WETA’s list of best burgers and pizza.


  • 2941: I have been to the restaurant, but never tried their Daffy Burger. It’s expensive, but if I go back there again, I might have to try it, but worried it might be too rich.
  • Cause: I like the atmosphere and I like the owners went to George Mason. Tried their variety of foods and tasted fresh The Mushroom and Oat burger was unusual, but blended very well.
  • Eamonn’s: A Dublin Chipper: Never been there.
  • Elevation Burger: I have tried it, but nothing spectacular. It’s decent and better than McDonalds and Burger King.
  • Good Stuff Eatery: Went to Crystal City after my trip to Atlanta and it was very good. It wasn’t dry and wasn’t too juicy. It was a solid burger.
  • Hank’s Tavern and Eats: Never been there.
  • Joe’s Amazing Burgers: Never been there.
  • Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar: Never been there and had no idea they had a specific burger.
  • Ollie’s Trolley: The burger was ok, but not memorable, but the crab cakes were pretty good. Go there mostly for the ambience and fries.
  • Palena: Never tried it.
  • Quarry House Tavern: First, it is like what Marshall describes the place in HIMYM. The burger tasted great. Good char on the outside and juicy inside. If I travel to Silver Spring again at night, I will go there. Bonus: the tater tots are great as well.
  • Ray’s to the Third: Probably the best burger from this list so far. Their burgers are huge and is the only time I never completed a meal. Burgers are au pouvoir and have excellent toppings. It was heaven. Burger is perfectly cooked, the right amount of juices, and each bite gets better and better.
  • Science Club: I have been there for happy hour, but no idea they had veggie burgers. Might want to go there again.
  • TD Burger Bar: Never been there.
  • Ted’s Bulletin: I have been there many times, but never tried their Drew’s Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger. I’m all for exotic burgers.
  • Thunder Burger and Bar: Never been there, but have passed by it. They have exotic burgers. Again, I like exotic.
  • Five Guys: The place that started the burger revolution in the D.C. area. Great burger for a hangover. I wonder if there is going to be a movie of a duo traveling to a Five Guys?
  • My Honorable Mention: Ted’s Montana Grill Bison Burger. The bison is lean and fresh and without the guilt (ok, if you’re vegetarian or vegan, there is guilt).
  • BGR Burger Joint is my go-to now because they got creative burgers, dry-aged, and for promotional purposes, my burger is up for January Burger of the Month! Remember to for the Tracy!!! 🙂


  • 2Amys: Never been there, but I know a lot of people are talking about as the best pizza in D.C. If someone can take me there, I want to know if it lives up to the hype.
  • Armand’s Chicago Pizzeria: Not exactly Chicago Deep Dish, but it’s thick. It’s solid, but not spectacular.
  • DC Slices: It’s an alright pizza. Doesn’t really standout.
  • Matchbox: Great personal pizzas. The toppings are fresh and their selections do blend nicely together. I personally like the Fire & Smoke. Bonus: get the sliders as well.
  • Menomale: Never been there.
  • Mia’s Pizza: Never been there.
  • Pete’s New Haven Apizza: Their Long Wharf pizza was fresh and nearly had an orgasm. The clams and shrimp blends nicely with the pesto, garlic, and cheese.
  • Pizzeria Orso: Easily, the best crust of the bunch so far. The sourdough crust was soft. I had limited toppings to save money, but if I get the pizza that I wanted, I would probably say the top 3 best pizza around D.C.
  • Pupatella Neapolitan Pizza: Never been there.
  • Rustico: It was a long time ago I had their pizza in Alexandria. I had their baked potato pizza and it was delicious with the combo of the smokey bacon, sour cream, potatoes, and cheese. Need to go back, but in Arlington. Also, Fireworks Pizza has the same pizza as well.
  • The Original Ledo Pizza: Never been to College Park, but went to Fairfax and if you order a large pizza, I would still be hungry if I finish the whole thing.
  • We The Pizza: It’s like DiGiorno Pizza.
  • My Honorable Mention: Pizza No. 17 is probably the best pizza I’ve tasted. Great crust, but the toppings are fresh, the crust was thin and had the right crispiness and blends together. They also have regular olive oil and spicy olive oil. Get the Pizza No. 17 and try the Pizza Sliders if you want to try the other pizzas before getting an entree pizza. Delia’s Brick Oven Pizza, home of the Diavalo pizza that has chorizo sausage, cheese, peppers, fried egg, and French fries as toppings.

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