Catching up

– It has been a sad day in the literary world with the loss of Kurt Vonnegut a couple weeks ago, and now possibly the best journalist/author to ever live, David Halberstam.  I have read some of his books and he goes inside of the event like the Vietnam War or Baseball like no other.  He would cover any topic and I would say he is the best…wait, one of a kind.  A guy covering all these topics to learn why this event was significant and the contacts he made were astonishing.  There will be bloggers who’ll write a variety of topics (guilty here), but Mr. Halberstam worked to get the story.  I don’t think we’ll have this type of person again.

-My favorite picture:

Arianna and Maureen

-Finally, apparently I was quoted in the article for Startup Nation.  It’s great to have a quote, but if your quote is alongside MediaBistro, Google, and hip clothing stores, I might be hipper than I actually thought or a cause for worry of my potential dictatorship.

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