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Today, I went to a taping of CEO Exchange, a roundtable discussion show of CEOs and their position with their company and others.  The taping was at George Washington University, which is a few blocks from my workplace, so I had no trouble getting there.  The issue was seating.  The middle was occupied, so I stood on the right side.  Problem was all the key camera shots were on that side, so most of the time; I see a bar and not the guests.  I was listening in most of the time.  The topic was integrating sports marketing with Sprint/Nextel and NASCAR.  The guests were CEO of NASCAR, Brian France, and CEO of Sprint, Gary Forsee with host, Jeff Greenfield.  It was a good discussion of how these two join together and help their products one another.  I won’t tell you the whole thing because you can watch it on PBS, but it’s definitive who the man in that partnership is.   I also say this was my second taping (The first one was for a public access show when I was in seventh grade.  Oddly, I remember my social studies teacher change my schedule so I can be on TV.)  The CEO taping had a set and there were some bumps and technical difficulties, but I thought it went smoothly.

I was there to support HR (SHRM is a sponsor for the show), but the pre and post tape was fun.  The pre-tape, a marketer from NASCAR handed out free stuff like hats and shirts.  Then, there were trivia questions and the raffle.  I did win a lunch box.  The post-taping, there was reception and I wanted to network with a few people about my organization, but I had a different title.  Of the people I network, they remember me as “The guy who answered all the NASCAR questions.”  In a way, it’s satisfying because if they see me in the streets, they’ll recognize me as the NASCAR man.  But, I didn’t promote enough about the organization I was working with.  But if you leave with a label, that isn’t bad at all.  For the record, I would considered my knowledge of NASCAR as advanced, but not expert.

One more thing:  If there is a TV taping, do not take any flash photography.  The only person taking official camera shots was a guy with a cowboy hat since there is no flash in his shots.  During the middle of the taping, I saw this dope coming down the middle aisle and was ready to take the picture.  I knew “the person” was not the photographer because it is not long lens and “the person” looked too nice to take pictures.  Guess what?  “The person” took the picture with flash and got away (I think).  Let me say this, you’re a “Lindsey Jacobellis”.  At that spot, I wish everyone would take shots at “the person” because if that shot ruin the show, there could be another re-taping.  The punishment for “the person” should be going to Daytona, meets with Tony Stewart, and Tony throwing haymakers on “the person”.   Tony will not be fined and “the person” will be reminded never to take pictures at a taping again. 

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