Chicago – Day 3

Day 3 is more of a sightseeing day and opportunity to get photos I missed yesterday, so the blog is very boring.  Today was the first day of registration for the SHRM Conference.  I came back to go to a boat trip that was sponsored by the Chicago Architecture Foundation.  The tour was very fascinating and very intriguing about Chicago buildings.  I also like the honesty of the host on some the buildings, as well as the new buildings coming up (i.e. Trump Tower).  Then, went more sightseeing to various locations like The Original Billy Goat Tavern, The Lake Front, and The Cancer Survivors Plaza, which is an amazing shot.

I headed back to the Navy Pier to go on the Ferris wheel.  I also did miniature golf again and got a 43, took 7 strokes off the last time.  Then, the real reason to go to the Navy Pier on Saturday:  the fireworks, which were amazing.  Hey Celebrate Fairfax, follow Chicago’s footsteps to get familiar on how fireworks should work.

There’s nothing much to say.  Here are the pictures to back up my blog.

Day 3 – 1





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