Chicago – Day 4

Day four is where the SHRM Conference began.  Before that, I had to go to church (amazingly, it was a few blocks away), and since I had plenty of time, I went to the legendary Lou Mitchell’s.  The service was wonderful (although they don’t accept credit cards) and the breakfast (or brunch in my case) was the best I had.  I ordered a sour cream omelet and hash browns and it was fabulous.  I was more worried about the hash browns because they cut it skinny, but they crisp it to make it like a potato chip and was delicious.  On to the conference I went.

The first session I attended was a guy name Steve Gilliland, who almost sounds and looks like talk show host Jack Diamond of Washington, DC look at this:

Jack Diamond:

Steve Gilliland:


Anyway, after that session saw the keynote speaker, Sidney Poitier.  Sidney was very elegant on his speech and graceful.  After his speech, it was on to the expo to get gifts for not only me and my family, but for the co-workers at my workplace.  I always get free stuff to give to others.  The only disappointment from the conference is they don’t have the HRGames the same day time as the conference.  Of course I wanted to learn more about HR, but the fun part are the challenges and between the judges go behind the curtain for an answer, the host ask a bunch of trivia questions and hand out prizes.  I usually stay for the 3 hours on Sunday, but I had to cut short to attend to a special concert. 

Yes, I attended the last show of the Local H tour.  The bad part was the concert coincides with the White Sox-Cubs game Sunday Night.  I was hoping for a short concert.  However, Local H played 90 minutes and this was definitely the loudest concert I ever attended and it was great.  At the beginning of the concert, I was at the ground floor and rocking with the nutty mosh pit.  It was getting so crazy, halfway to the concert, I went to the balcony.  By the way, Local H has a new album called, Twelve Angry Months and it’s a concept album about Scott’s relationship with his now ex-girlfriend for the year.  Local H, to me, is the most underappreciated band of all-time.  They were the masters of the two-person band and are revitalizing the post-grunge scene.  If anyone is reading this, try to get all the albums, including the 1999 underrated classic, Pack Up the Cats.  Local H deserves to be in the national spotlight again.  In the end, my ears were literally bleeding and ringing, meaning they did the job. 

That was the night and as for the game, Cubs won 7-1 and got to the hotel safely.


Day 4


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