Chicago – Day 5

It was business on Monday.  Attended several sessions and I will say, except for the last session I attended,  I didn’t learn that much and was a rehash that I already know.  I also thought the speakers are a little underwhelmed.  It could be the Monday blues, but I was disappointed about the lack of information and specifics of the session.  Also, I picked up more stuff back home to enjoy at the Expo.

This gist of the post was the party I attended, which was sponsored by (yes, that’s the website).  It was a social event with food, dance floor, and open bar.  That’s fine and all, but that event is below the 2005 San Diego trip, where there was a fake Marilyn Monroe (I still haven’t forgotten the person next to me saying, ‘I hope that’s not a guy.’  Which reminds me, Doris Kearns Goodwin is speaking tomorrow) and a Casino, where I do all the socializing.  2006 was a bit of a disappointment because of the weather.  I did not attend Las Vegas in 2007 because of the weather, but I assume the parties involved gambling.  In 2008, with the job market as is now, probably the companies scaled back on the events.  It was okay and got free dinner, but what I would like is a miniature golf party at the Navy Pier or an open batting practice at Wrigley Field, or Shop Till You Drop on the Magnificent Mile.  Next year might be better in New Orleans with a new president, but it’s no guarantee.  By the way, I played miniature golf again for fun. 

That’s Monday, tomorrow is going to be the same, except an autograph, and a concert.  The lesson to take from today:  The Heisman Trophy is really, really heavy.


Day 5

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