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In one of the sermons I attended last year at Church, I listen to the priest talk about the presidential election. I would imagine the priest would talk about abortion and why it is bad, which I understand.  However, the priest use his sermon to stage a rant and rally all the churchgoers to vote for John McCain because he opposes abortion and Obama does not.  The problem I had with the sermon was not that he opposes abortion. I do believe abortion is murder under my religion, but that is my personal stance.  My real problem was the priest acted like abortion was the only issue people should care about and should be above war, the economy, healthcare, and climate change for most concern issue.  This is why people outside of religion look down on us because our leaders do not see the big picture.  I cannot dispute why people are angry at one’ shallow’s point of view, but this is to tell everyone: Catholics do care about climate change.

Before the Spring of this year, I thought I care about the environment but really I talked about it but didn’t do much to help out.  Probably it was during Lent season that made me turnaround and made me serious what I do with my actions.  The first big test was on Earth Hour where everyone turned off all the electricity for one hour.  From that one hour, I understand I was fortunate to have a roof over me and a uniquely loving family.  The only bad part from the experience was I missed out the last minute between Pittsburgh and Villanova.  I was mad at first, but three things I realize: 1) I did it for a good cause, 2) I can catch the ending on replay, and 3) either team would of lost to North Carolina.

After Lent season, I started taking short showers, turning off all the lights, be part of the Animal Revolution (if you listen to the Tony Kornheiser Show, you will understand the joke) and take alternate transportation, which I have done for the past 8 years.  There are times I do forget to do those things and use to be no big deal.  Now, if I forget to turn off the lights or turn off the water, I get visibly upset to do it and hopefully the next day, I turn it off.  It is still a growing process and new to me, but I know it is better for my own benefit, which leads to an organization I found on the internet.

There is a group called the Catholic Climate Covenant and they’re a group of religious leaders, scientists, lawmakers, and business owners who focus on climate change.  It would seem like a joke was coming, but you heard that right.  Only climate change can unite religion, science, business, and government to focus on possibly the biggest issue going on globally.  Which topic can do that today?  They came together because it is their job as Catholics on how to settle Mother Earth and tell us as humans, it is our job to keep Mother Earth as green as it is, which Andrew Sullivan sums up best.  So far, we’re failing that mission: ocean temperatures have risen; the ecosystem is out of whack; violent hurricanes; were creating new areas for offices, not sustaining existing landscapes, and others.  There is one way to prevent this from making our Earth worse: Us.

As Catholics, go out there and make a contribution (small or big) of any kind to help Mother Earth by:

  • Assisting the poor for survival not only today, but for future generations
  • Donating money that help combat climate change
  • Gardening
  • Taking alternate transportation
  • Turning off the lights
  • Lobbying to Congress
  • Recycle, Reduce, Reuse
  • Changing lifestyle
  • And others

Don’t forget, as we are living in this planet, it is our job from the Guy Above to keep Earth in great shape for future generations.  This is not recommendation from Catholics, it is A REQUIREMENT!

By the way, anyone know a good place to buy a banana tree plant?

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  • Tracy – you never cease to amaze me with your breadth and depth of knowledge and insight into so many topics – but most of all I love how you are able to write about your values and passions in a way that makes people think. Thank you for the inspiration on taking individual action – that’s where it all starts.

    (and I think you can get a banana plant at that outdoor market down at the end of New York Aveunue) Joni

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