Easter Random Thoughts

My Lent

As you know, my sacrifice for Lent is eating one meal per day. For the first 3/4 of Lent, I held up my end of the bargain. Then…I got sick. Although it might be an excuse, it shouldn’t be and felt really guilty I didn’t go through. So, I had a backup plan in Plan A faltered: I didn’t get a haircut. Also, now I know I prefer Lent to start in February and end on end of March, beginning of April.

Photo Apr 20, 11 03 54 AM

I don’t mind having long hair, but I’m worried I’m near mullet status.

Friends and Family

Easter is a great time for reflection and reunion as you have friends and family get together for Easter brunch or a get-together for an Easter Egg hunt. My family has our traditional food of egg rolls (to clarify, when I say egg rolls, it means fried spring rolls).

Easter also made me reflect where is my life is heading. A couple of weeks ago, I met a good friend of mine, Adam, from New York, who traveled to DC for fun and we had lunch about a variety of topics, mostly centered around hockey. We had a great two+ hours of conversation. Afterwards, I went to confession before heading out to Nationals Park. Before I went to a confessional, I saw there was a wedding going on. Then it struck me…

As I mention, Adam and I met in a random hockey tweetup a few years ago with other local hockey fans. It was great talking about hockey and Adam’s charity, The Hockey Foundation. What I didn’t realize, until a couple weeks ago, was Adam is the last true friend I knew from the group…and he’s from NEW YORK! Most of the others were from the D.C. area. Now, a few who moved out and some stayed, but don’t keep in touch with me. The only one from the group, Adam, and I still talk through social media.

Speaking of social media, Adam and I discuss what tools we’re still using. We both still use Facebook and while Adam doesn’t tweet much anymore, I still do so I can speak my mind. We also agree that a few years ago, social media is where you build communities by interaction and a gunslinger mentality. Now, nearly everyone has a platform, but use it mostly to broadcast their opinions, products, or get celebrity endorsements. This is why some of us are trying to find a new social media platform that really cares about community, but that’s getting tougher.

This made me reflect that I’m now 30. It does sound young, but an age where you have to make choices. I’ll be honest, in my inner circle right now are my family, best friends, the Tony Kornheiser Littles, the Nationals fans, and some other random people. I know I left out some groups, like my profession and other sports teams fans. It could be people, whom I am close with, are leaving or entrenched of their thing, maybe I haven’t attended enough events, maybe they got tired of me, or something else.

I just know everything is changing around me. It’s not necessarily I’m growing up, but need to decide what path(s) to take. Do I want to stay in HR/recruiting or go into another field? Are the Nats fans, that I personally know, going to leave soon? Are the Littles now have to sing and dance their way into mailbag? What is going to be the newest trend? Is my life-long partner (wife) want to live in the DMV area?

I have the resources (except money), but this is where I need to discover what’s my next chapter is. I don’t mind going into the unknown, but I want to know soon enough where it’s heading me towards. I guess that’s how joy feels.

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