Election Day

We are one day away of choosing our 44th President of the United States (might be longer depending if all the states are that close, heaven forbid that would never happen again).  This is not a post about who to vote for (If you read my previous posts or on Facebook, you know who I’m going to vote for).

This is for the people who don’t want to vote or can’t vote because their busy.  For the people who are busy, here are a bunch of CEOs who are asking you to vote (Credit: Mark Stelzner):

For the people who don’t want to vote:  don’t make that an excuse.  If you’re cynical about politics, you have the right to be and honestly, that’s how I feel occasionally.  However, if you don’t get out, you lost all credibility.  If you are so mad, then why sit out?  If you’re upset that McCain and Obama are on the ballot, then voice who you want to be President.  It doesn’t have to be a popular choice, but if you believe in someone, then go vote for that person.  

In 2004, I never liked Bush or Kerry or even Ralph Nader.  I cast my vote for Former New Jersey Senator and Knicks player, Bill Bradley because he was intelligent on the issues, would know how to balance a budget, and understands and delegates to his teammates and co-workers.  The downsize was that he has a personality of a toothpick and that was his demise.  If you make Al Gore more personable, then you shouldn’t been elected, but I still stick with him because he shares my viewpoints.

The point here is vote to know where you want the country be heading to.  There are a lot of issues to ponder (not one issue like my friends and family think) and select who can run this country.  If you don’t want to, then you’re not welcome to the adult table.

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  • I agree with the “if you don’t get out, you lost all credibility” argument. We have some close friends that are highly political and who have lived in NYC for ~2 years now. They recently visited and went off on a bender for their candidate. When I asked whether they had voted already, they sheepishly admitted that they hadn’t registered.

    You cannot complain if you don’t participate, and frankly I was pretty disappointed in these two for not putting their motivation behind their mouths.

    Thanks Tracy.

  • @Mark I think these people think it’s a government conspiracy that people don’t vote, the government is doing the voting for you. Seriously, but then again, Jesse Ventura was Governor.

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