Fell on Black Days

It is not one of worst days I had, but it is not one of the best.  Today, it rained all day.  No issue there; mother nature has emotions as well.  At work, I had nothing much to do except the last hour.  I would prefer to have work all day, but don’t hold off until the last hour.  If it was two hours before closing, I would of been fine.  Finally to top it all off, at the Metro station on Farragut West, not one, but TWO trains broke down, consecutively.  Yep, it took me six attempts and 90 minutes later to catch the Metro.

Everyone have their bad days, but I was wearing all black today.  I intentionally wore all black because one of the co-worker’s sister passed away.   I don’t know the co-workers’ sister, but I don’t want to overshadow the moment, so I wore in respect for the co-worker that I care.  Everything didn’t go completely wrong, but the execution didn’t seem right and I was punished for today.   This serves as a reminder to me, wearing all black signals bad things that day.  Hey, karma is a bitch, but it is right!

And yes, I intentionally put that title on this post.

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