For Lent in 2015

Written by Tracy

I’m going to say this off the bat: I will break my sacrifice in the second day on Lent. The reason? The Lunar New Year. This is where religion and culture messed up the calendar for the almost 7% in this world. Hopefully, we get a pass like the Irish get a pass when St. Patrick’s Day lands on a Friday.

That being said, I’m going back to old reliable and stick with the one-meal plan. I tried to do that last year, but I got sick in the middle of Lent. However, with a job and better resources (gym, time, Zoodle Slicer), I can pull this off. Also, I have gain some of the weight I lost a couple years ago and I need some discipline and hopefully keeps me focus.

I hope this journey will be much better than last year and having the Zoodle Slicer, a variety of choices. Also, this is a good time to help out people in need and I will try to do that in the 40+ days. I know I got a lot of help last year. It’s my turn to return the favor.

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