Fourth of July 2008

At first, I didn’t want to go, but a couple of my friends came, so I went to see my Tony Kornheiser friends (yes, there is such a thing).  It was a last minute thing, so I went and I should of planned better.

I tried to go to a small parade at Eastern Market to see Shad, the Haiku guy, who was the host of the event.  I got there at 11 AM and there was no parade.  I knew the parade started at 10 AM, but that must be one quick parade since it ended 15 minutes ago.  So, I went to the schoolyard to see Shad, but he wasn’t there.  I was there asking for a person who has an orange Hawaiian shirt and a top hat.  Of course, people only saw the parade and not the speaker.  Then I just realize that Rob in Arlington was there, but I have no idea who he looks like.  After 90 minutes, I gave up and went to the real parade at the National Mall.

The only reason I went to the main 4th of July parade is just to see the Vietnamese peeps I saw on the Saigon Broadcasting Television Network (SBTN) last year (my mother puts its on 24/7) so I can send back pictures to my mother, who likes everything on TV.  After that, had some lunner (Lunch-Dinner), and then it was on to the big show.

I had four hours to kill, but that ain’t enought since most of the spots I tried to go were filled 12 hours in advance.  I had to squeeze in a spot and if you leave your spot, you lose; there are no owned spots.  I was there at 5PM, but was very thirsty and left to get drinks at 7PM and 15 minutes later, my spot was taken.  I tried to finalize a shot where I get all the buildings in one shot with the fireworks.  For my perspective, the right side of the Lincoln Memorial has the best potential of viw with the fireworks.  Well, I was wrong.

This was my first time seeing the fireworks in DC and I thought the fireworks would be the same as the others I attended.  When the fireworks started, it was way bigger than expected, so I miscalculated the impact of DC fireworks.  What I also didn’t realize is on my side, there were a lot of smoke on the right side, so half the time, I saw half smoke, half fireworks.  However, the bigness of the fireworks and the different variety help makes this great.  If I were to come again, I will definitely go to the Mall to escape from the smoke and see the fireworks up close.

On the way home, there were crowded trains to Vienna and I have to say Metro has done it again.  If you read my blog, you see time to time my frustrations with Metro and this is another example.  Metro really need to do a survey of how many people go to Vienna or any other place on July 4th.  For every two orange line trains, there’s a blue line, where only 2% of the people go there.  If Metro want to be efficient, get more trains for the orange line and have a 4 to 1 ratio.  Of course Metro will complain they don’t have that type of money.  Well, people are taking transit more and more;  Metro need to step up or they will lose its ridership as quickly as gaining them.

Overall, the day was rainy, but not as humid as past 4th of July, but it was fun, but I need to go with friends and family, and a picnic, and a chair, and a planning onb where to sit.  My only hope is that its not humid next year.




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  • Tracy-
    I think it was so cool that you even came to Eastern Market- I had a Peavy amp, microphone, a cd player and the bull-horn I let the parade organizer use, so as soon as it concluded, I lugged it all back to my vehicle and since I had been there since early that morn, I just split- so sorry I did not get to formally introduce myself.

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