Gift Cards

We are already one week into the holiday season and we see people killed in a stampede of getting one gift that can be bought online.

More and more each year, people are buying gift cards. If you know me from my posts or comments, then you know I detest gift cards. Here should be the rules of gift cards:

  1. Only give it if you work for a company of 250 or more and only give it to your co-workers.
  2. Must be an all-purpose card (i.e. Costco, Target, Aaron’s, even a Visa Gift Card is acceptable)
  3. If you buy a speciality gift card for food, give it to the homeless

That’s it, that’s the list.  If you break any of these rules…YOU’RE A DOPE.

What the holiday season means is giving and think about others.  A gift card is a cop out of thinking of a gift and make an excuse that you had no idea what gift to buy or make.   Some have said they don’t mind receiving gift cards because it’s for themselves and saves the burden of the person giving.   If you think like that, here are three words they expect to hear:

What gift cards are is plastic cash and if that’s all you want, there are two ways of thought:  1) Boy, you’re desperate or 2) You should of ask me for more Benjamins.  If I want gift cards, I expect them on Vietnamese New Year, not the Holiday Season.

What your family and your close friends want is something thoughtful.  If you can’t buy or make a thoughtful gift, no worries, there’s the internet.  You can:

There are many holiday sites to share and would like to know some, but please just don’t give out cash for the holiday season, that’s the employers job (I know, bad timing, but hey, like Obama said, “Hope.”).  Really give a thought this holiday season and try to think of the best gift possible during your circumstances.


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