Goodbye Silver Elvis

Debut on June 8, 2010, it was the turning moment for the Nationals franchise. That’s right…the debut of the People’s Silver Elvis Wig (and that Strasburg debut). It was the greatest gimmick the Nationals have done, in my opinion.

In the three and a half years, the Silver Elvis witness:

  • The Nats its first winning record
  • The Nats its first postseason berth and NL East division title
  • Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg home debut
  • Won two (2) Fan of the Games
  • One of the Fan of the Games led to the Nats scoring the most runs ever in franchise history at home
  • A seat at the Lexus Presidents’ Club
  • A couple of hot out-of-towners taking pictures
  • The first person to order at Box Frites
  • First trip to Spring Training
  • Going to batting practice, twice, to meet and greet players
  • Finally, numerous confused fans think the Silver Elvis was the Shark. The Silver Elvis always respect the Shark and the Shark fans out there, but the Silver Elvis was first.

Sadly, the everything has an expiration date and the Silver Elvis has exceeded expectations. Now, it’s time for a new look and all I can say is it is out there. Before you see a sneak preview of the new look, let’s reminiscence, one last time, the Silver Elvis Wig:






2013-01-26 12.07.12 2013-01-26 12.08.08

It’s official…Silver Elvis has left the building.

And now a sneak preview of what partially you’re going to see on July 3rd during the #VoteNats Tweetup…






2013-06-29 22.11.42

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