Growing Up

One of my favorite (likely my very favorite) romantic movies is Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. The story is about Jesse and Celine conversing each other about life, love, and work. In Sunrise, it was two 20-something year olds meeting at a train in Vienna, Austria, trying to have a place on this world and deciding who they want to be. In Sunset, after nine years meeting in Vienna, Jesse and Celine meet again in Paris by random. The two are a bit wiser, but still unsure where they are in their lives. In both movies, the conversations sound real and there’s great chemistry between the two.

This is why I can’t wait to see the follow-up, Before Midnight. This time, it is set in Greece where Jesse and Celine are finally together, but now the both are laughing at their past and questioning their future instead of hoping and answering. From the trailers, it looks to be pretty good.

Also, I have finally got caught up with all eight seasons of How I Met Your Mother. I’m a late adopter to the show, but I thought the first seasons were very good. The latter part of the series has been on and off. I understand why initial fans of this show quit watching because they want to know who the mother is and the characters and the stories have become somewhat tiresome. I don’t see it that way.

Although there are a few off episodes, what the characters from HIMYM are trying to do is grow up. You can be yourself, but life makes you tweak things. This is why I have HIMYM on my “saved list” next year to see the process of Ted meeting his mother and the characters reactions and emotions.

(I wish they show the process of the wedding in the first half of the season and in the second half of the season, the final episodes what the characters did each passing year before reaching 2030. Sadly, I think they’re doing the last season, “24” style, where the wedding is the only backdrop.)

Looking at some comments of HIMYM, The Before series and other TV shows on Facebook, Twitter, and message boards, some people want to relive in the past. Maybe it’s the early seasons that spoiled people, but eventually, characters have to transition. Frankly, what HIMYM is doing is human nature, by comparison to Growing Pains, where Kirk Cameron went from innocent teen heartthrob to religious zealot.

As I’m approaching 30, I’m in a period now of questioning my youth and what am I going to do next. Entertainment like HIMYM and The Before series (specifically Before Sunset) makes me reflect what stage I am at right now. It’s weird that my brothers (in their mid 30s) are (or are going to get) married to twenty something’s. I joked with my friends that if the pattern holds in my family, I get married right now, I will marry someone who is currently in college or in their senior year in high school. Thankfully, I have time.

Sometimes in movies and television, audience don’t want their characters to grow up. Why try to fix something that is not broken? If that’s the case, then the character (or possibly you) has not grown up yet. I appreciate following Jesse, Celine, and the HIMYM cast in their journey to find someone or something and go from there. They know the past exists and react to it but are questioning of what’s next. Coincidentally, I’m thinking the same thing.

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