Happy Canada Day!

Written by Tracy

Ok, I know it’s July 3rd and Canada Day was on July 1st and although I’m not Canadian, Canada Day felt very lucky for me this year. This is what happened on Canada Day:

Capitals actually signed Defencemen

It has been a long time the Capitals signed actual defencemen…I just don’t know about these defencemen. I like the Matt Niskanen signing. Signed a 7-year deal and he is 27 years old; a great deal. On the other side, Brooks Orpik also sign for the Capitals. I don’t mind Orpik on the team for his leadership and physical play, I don’t know if he’s 5-years, $27.5 million worthy. As for the Caps, it looks like they want to go into the playoffs. Personally, I would tank next year for the chance to get either Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel because they need centers badly.

Nats win!

Nationals crushed the Rockies, 7-1, but I want to use this space to talk to the Nationals brass for next year to have Canada Day at the ballpark and have the Nationals wear the Montreal Expos uniforms every Canada Day, and let them wear the powder blue uniforms like this:

Also, I want all Boardwalk Fries stands to have poutine for this one day and invite Youppi to get involved in the Presidents’ Race.

Some Nats fans don’t want anything related to the Expos because they want the Nationals to have their own history. I disagree with that notion since other cities remember their past. Moving the Expos to Washington is part of our history. It shouldn’t be erased and it’s unfair for the Expos fans. Canada Day should be a thank you to Montreal.

Speaking of the Nats:

Lunch with Mike Rizzo

I (and three others) recently won a drawing to have lunch with Mike Rizzo, sponsored by MASN. It’s in early August, but I definitely have questions for him, but if you have a question you want to ask Mike Rizzo, ask on the comments section.

Free Lifetime VIP Passes at Celebrate Fairfax!

The biggest prize from Canada Day was I won free passes to Celebrate Fairfax! for life. This was a month ago and I only attended Saturday and basically paid my ticket by donating clothes to their Fall Festival. There were three reasons I wanted to go on Saturday:

  1. QR Code Hunt (I know it’s cheesy and outdated, but for free lifetime passes, you do it.)
  2. Cheap Trick
  3. California Chrome chasing the Triple Crown

In addition, Saturday is the longest day of the festival. In half of the time I spent on that Saturday, I was doing the QR Code hunt. I scoured everywhere to find numbered QR codes and ask a few people. My lunch was free samples of Ledo’s Pizza and cups of water. At the end of the hunt, I got 32 of 33. The one QR code haunted me was number 27. I mention half of the festival that day, I was doing the QR code hunt, half the time, I founded the 32 and the rest of the festival, I was trying to find number 27 and I was a wreck because I know some attendees would attend 2 or 3 days and I only attended one day. I turned in my form and the guys at the booth said I was the clubhouse leader at the time. I told them I’m not confident because there’s one more day at the festival and there will be friends who team together to find all 33 codes and I would be devastated that I lost by one.

Fast forward to Canada Day and got an email from the Celebrate Fairfax! people that I won the QR Code Hunt and I don’t have to spend a dime on going to the festival except food and carnival games and bring my first date from Match.com to the event (HA!).

Oh, Don’t [expletive deleted] With the Recruiter! 😉

If the Celebrate Fairfax! people are reading this, I have three requests before I die (which I hope it isn’t anytime soon):

  1. Lisa Loeb. She’s more of a Sunday performer. I have not attended a Sunday festival in a long time. This would make me go on a Sunday.
  2. Roxette. They’re the first band I really liked and I want them here.
  3. Jimmy Eat World. It’s the only ’90s band that might be under your budget and are good. You can also take Gin Blossoms. Maybe Collective Soul again.

As for the rest of the Saturday festival: I got sunburned, had some bison dog and pizza, California Chrome didn’t win the Triple Crown, and Cheap Trick rocked the stage and were pure Rock ‘n Roll (I’m still haunted by the worst concert I attended: Ok Go! at Celebrate Fairfax! several years ago). Here’s a few pics from the festival (June 2014).

This could of been a better Canada Day if I had some work, job postings, and the U.S. Men’s Soccer team winning, which I will talk about tomorrow, but it’s no wonder I love Canada Day, even though I’m not Canadian. Must be the healthcare and crisp weather in the summer.


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