Happy Vietnamese New Year

Ok, it is actually called Chinese New Year, but as I mention before about communism in China, it will be always called Vietnamese in our household. Coincidentally, a lot of Far East Asians are successful now with Tiger winning, Hines Ward in the Super Bowl, Apollo Ohno in the upcoming Olympics, and of course The Vietnamese Clan that make up a quarter of the poker craze (ok, I made that number up), this is a good time for us Far Easterners. I remember one time when I was eight years old when my aunt and uncle (don’t tell me which one, I have millions apparently in the family tree) gave me $100. That’s right, one hundred dollars. Then, my parents gave it back because it was “too much” and there was nothing I can do with that dearth of money in his age. Well they’re right; I would say I would own Chuck E. Cheese for $100. But the money would come to good use. On second thought, I would still give it to my parents since they had to buy groceries and other stuff, so it would serve no purpose of keeping it. Anyway, this is a fun time since this is the period where we have New Years, the Super Bowl and Fat Tuesday before lent season (which I will write about on Fat Tuesday). This is probably the day or period my family cares a lot the most because it shares a focus on who we are and what is important how we came and every family member cleans up. Again, Happy New Year to all and hope your year is prosperous (Year of the Dog).

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