I have said a lot on healthcare, but the issue isn’t healthcare but the technology behind healthcare (and healthcare). The issue is was suppose to enrolled and people can get the same or better coverage at a reduced price. However, the website didn’t work and insurers are canceling their customers’ plans, which made Obama look like a hypocrite when he said “if you have insurance, you can keep it.”

I think Obama didn’t mean to lie, but he undermine the average American knowing their health insurance plan. There are two problems for Obama. The first is although Obama had a global mind on healthcare, it’s the local insurers that can convince people of buying the plan. was suppose to give information and enroll people to inexpensive plans, but Obama should know that most people don’t know their insurance plan and the insurers are smart business people to get every dime from their customers.

The other issue about Obamacare is our over-reliance on technology. You hear most of healthcare’s issue is the website and there are a million code lines to fix. If people weren’t go to the website, they should of called their state or federal government about the plans available or have the government have subscribe to people a newsletter on healthcare. Instead, we made healthcare a make or break on a website and assume there was only one way to get healthcare instead of multiple ways.

What is Obama going to do when he doesn’t have control what the insurers will do and the insurers have the power of their customers? Obama needs to impose his will to the people and the insurance companies. For the people, he needs to give the people more access to information on their healthcare and give them multiple options to contact their provider. For the insurance companies, he needs to prove the companies are ripping people off and explain it to the audience. Insurance companies are weary of Obamacare because they won’t get the big bucks from a few people, in addition that add a few more healthy customers reduces the price.

If Obama wants to be a transcendent President, he needs to start be campaign Obama and be aggressive of his message. He has fumbled healthcare because he made the assumption people know what they were doing (and government bureaucracy), but now to the end of the year, he can make it up. 2013 started good, but turned badly the days went by. He needs to salvage the year heading to 2014.

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  • I’m going to disagree with you on this one. For sure, people don’t understand how healthcare works. The underlying flaw is that we have been asking seniors to select Medicare Part B plans the same way for the last decade and for the most part, it has worked out. If they can figure it out we can too.

    Insurance is difficult to compare and loosely regulated by state commissions behind closed doors. The law sets a raised bar. You can’t call it healthcare insurance if it does not meet these limits.

    I’ve spoken to many contractors who were sold bad insurance on the open market. Some we discount plans, others had fine print no human could find. In this case the cure hurts. People are being dropped because they had sub-standard plans. This is the right path. We will adjust to a world where it is vital to understand what you are paying for so you get your money’s worth.

    • I will agree with there. I just the media is hyping this up because Obama blew this and want to pounce. I also think the media focus on the small percentage of users and not the majority. I do think for the long term, this will be better, but the initial reaction is what disturbs me.

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