Hey, it’s my Birthday today!

Written by Tracy

Today, I am turning 32 or as I like to call it, the right side of 35. Anyway, every year, I have a list of charities to donate. It’s never the same charities each year because there are causes that people should be focusing on. Also, I consider myself a better giver than a receiver, so on my birthday, I would like to give to these charities.

  1. Catholic Charities – Archdiocese of Washington: Since the Pope is in town, why not donate to a charity that covers everything for the community. Also, the headquarters is right smack downtown.
  2. Catholic Climate Covenant: I have known this organization for the past two years from networking and this group was way ahead of the curve. It also helps with the election of Pope Francis and his view of climate change, this organization has grown in significance.
  3. ziMS Foundation: This is Ryan Zimmerman’s foundation finding a cure to beat Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This Saturday, the Half Street Irregulars are holding a raffle to help the ziMS Foundation. Come by the Red Porch at Nationals Park.

That’s all. Now, I’m preparing for Christmas (Dang you, big companies and climate change!)

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