If I Was Running A Company…Fear

The past couple of weeks, there has been a discussion of change or lack of change from healthcare reform and use of social media at work (you can read here, here, and here). All of these relate to one thing: Fear.

Fear is essentially a problem where people are panicking what’s going to happen in the future.  Fear is the oldest sales tactic in the book.  People are worried about the future, so they attach a price so people can feel comfortable until they find another fear.

At the workplace, there are many things to fear: getting fired, litigation, office romance, performance, uncertainty, culture, technological advances, old and young workers, power, change, status quo, variables, perfection and many others.  Fear motivates us to work because it was thrust upon us to face it. 

Why people sell on fear because in the back of our minds, there’s uncertainty in the future.  When employees and employers don’t know what to do, they’ll ask the experts in the field and pay for it.  Fear is not a bad thing to have when there is actual uncertainty within the organization, but some do it to an extreme to utilize those fears into a benefit on their own.  Organizations rely too much on one or two things that are saviors, but in reality, they could have solve themselves if they didn’t panic.

How can organizations reduce their fears? Be themselves and let it happen.  Let the individuals do their job;  give them goals, the settings, and the rules and people will respond.  Treat your employees like they’re in an improv classes and let them go.  These are professionals you’re dealing with, not kids.  Not everything has to be reviewed character by character.

Overall, organizations need to realize that fear is a mindset created from an altered perspective from others and it will last until you realize this can be solved within.  Everyone can respond to fear, but by planning and execution, they can master that fear.

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