If I Was Running A Company…Greetings

When I go to an event, I always do the proper thing and shake the person’s hands.  I’ve done it since I was born and it is in the general business handbook.  However, it seems passe that I’m doing the handshake now, but can’t resist.  According to the HR Bartender, the fist bump is the new business greeting and I’m at a young age that I’m not hip anymore.  The Obamas do it, HR is doing it, even doctors recommend do the fist bump to prevent spreading the flu and I’m a dope of not doing the fist bump.

The reason I bring this up is because people have their own opinion on how to greet.  There are people who are accepting to greet, some are cautious, and there are people who thinks a certain type of greeting symbolizes surrendering.  Personally, I don’t care how you greet others;  just be respectful, courteous and don’t make people sick, although I need to get in a habit of doing the fist bump or an occasional hug.

However, for a few who want to say hello to me, I prefer this greeting:

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