If I Was Running A Company…Internships

Here’s a simple objective of what internships are: learning about the workplace and enhancing your skills to prepare to join the workforce. Basically in sports terms, get your work done in the minors before moving up in the big leagues and say goodbye to your former colleagues. Not so fast.

Internships are beyond the learning experience at work. Internships can establish relationships that might last a lifetime and/or meeting future co-workers.

If you’re a big organization that handles a lot of interns, establish an internship not only to learn about the workforce, but have them engage with other interns to introduce themselves and learn what their department does.

There are some organizations that have a deeper meaning that helps unite the interns, and I’m not talking about religious organizations. That is the most intangible aspect of an internship that some just come for job experience but there are some rare organizations that people want to work for and get something out of it professionally and personally. Those organizations will always get the best word of mouth.

If you are looking for an internship, look into what organization you really want to work for and apply to your strengths and hopefully the organization allows you to explore other divisions and engage with other interns. I will say that I have, but that’s for another day.

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