If I Was Running A Company…Jobs and Profits

Remember when economists say the recession will end late last year and jobs would be returning?  Well, the recession has ended (until the recent GDP report came out), but the jobs have not come back.  How can that be? Look at your employer.

In this Washington Post article, it states that nonfinancial companies altogether have $1.8 trillion in cash. If you have 1.8 trillion, it would easy to hire workers, get decent health benefits, 401 (k), and other benefits.  Then again, it is the company’s money and they can do whatever they want.  They can fire workers, be more productive with less workers and make more of a profit.  For that, I can’t fault organizations who penny-pinch their budget…that’s capitalism.

How about small businesses?  They don’t have the cash like corporations, but they do have resources in the Chamber of Commerce to help out on taxes and benefits. Then again, the Chamber of Commerce are speaking for themselves and not the whole community.

This is where business leaders point the blame to the Obama Administration; blaming them that they’re not creating jobs.  However, the Obama Administration did end the Great Recession. If these three areas have not solve the hiring issue, who can? Actually, all three share an answer: politics

The Obama Administration have the heart that they want to help the unemployed to find jobs, but the administration’s vibe says businesses should not be trusted. Corporations have tons of money but are making excuses that the $1.8 trillion that is leftover is not enough to pay for health benefits and others, and have the audacity to blame the Obama Administration for not creating jobs. For small businesses, they’re trusting the Chamber of Commerce advice too much instead going to their gut instincts.  No matter the result, all three are to blame for the biggest losers: the unemployed.

The unemployment is still at 9.5-9.6% where the numbers suppose  to dip at this time, but it has not happen because all three sides are playing politics. Steve Pearlstein of the Washington Post and Bob Herbert of the New York Times hit the nail when both said all three are posturing, but took offense of business leaders of attacking Obama for not creating jobs, when they have their own opportunity to hire more people, but elected not to.  To make matters worse, the unemployed might be creating a coalition to handle the BS from all three sides.

The only solution to solve all these problems are better communications among business leaders, the Chamber of Commerce and the Obama Administration on job creations, benefits, and the future of work.  If all sides communicate, you will see unemployment drop and a better understanding of healthcare and financial reform.  Am I naive this will happen? Yes. Do I think it will happen? Not a chance; it’s the mid-term elections, politics is about power and influence instead of collaboration.

For the unemployed who are getting screwed: if you’re job hunting, don’t look for job openings within the organization, look for an organization that have the balls to hire you.

Bonus: NFIB Small Business Trends

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