If I Was Running A Company…Napping

If you’ve been reading on your current events, you might have heard that napping is very good not only for your health, but boosting productivity at work.  That is a good thing…and a bad thing.

The Good

Napping gives a second wind for employees to end on a good note for the day.  Napping recalibrates our brains and organizes what needs to be done.  Napping replenish our soul to do better things.  This is why pre-school have nap times so they can play all day and ruin their parents lives (I kid).  Napping proves the standard 9-5 schedule is non-existent anymore and people don’t have to worry about time, only results matter.  It use to be napping was a deterrent to work. Now, it’s an added necessity for a better workplace.

The Bad

Napping is telling us we are living in a 24/7 workplace.  I understand businesses need to be competitive to keep in touch with the masses, but does every second really have to count?  Businesses are thinking themselves with people having short-attention spans getting shorter, they must plaster something every second to get people talking about before it expires.  Just wait where businesses will call people at 3AM…constantly.

The point here is although napping has their benefits, businesses need to pick their spots on growing their customer base and their value.  That takes time, not overkill and sadly, I think this is where most businesses are heading.

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