If I Was Running A Company…Poker

I did not know this until now, but the World Series of Poker is going on right this moment.  There are so many events going on, but my personal favorites are H.O.R.S.E. (the real game for poker players) and RAZZ (the crappy hands win).  Why I’m mentioning poker in an HR post?  It’s the majority your job interview.

Job seekers know what to say, but that’s only part of the battle.  Hiring managers are also looking for non-verbal tells like body language, attitude, grooming, the tone of your voice, eye contact, positioning, and many others.  Non-verbal tells are what most people do not think in a job interview, but it is crucial.  So, what you do is think like a poker player.

If you want to master your non-verbal tells, have your friends over for a game of Texas Hold ‘Em, but include the rules that they can’t wear hats and sunglasses.  Look around the room and feel your competition out.  Imagine you’re in a room with 8 different hiring managers.  By looking at their body language, emotion, and position;  seek the person(s) out, just like you are applying for a company.  It also helps that you study a little background of the player so you would know what they do.  As a poker player, you must find the right person to grab their chips, which is similar for a job seeker to find someone that you are confident that this person can land you the job.  I would also look at the others and see what their tells are if you know they’re bluffing, acting, or telling the truth.  They might be your potential players (literally).

The saying goes in poker;  you play the person, not the cards.  The same thing goes to job interviews;  you play the hiring manager, not your resume (but be authentic and truthful).

Here’s a great video of the similarities between poker players and job seekers.

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