If I Was Running A Company…Pop Culture HR Award #3

To be frank, I’m doing this a bit early because of the upcoming SHRM Conference in New Orleans (I’m not going because of budget, but will be looking through Twitter (#SHRM09) and the livestream session on Wednesday with fellow HR bloggers) and the July 4th Weekend.  For the third recipient of the Pop Culture HR Award, this one is pretty simple for the upcoming Fourth of July:  The person is American, came from a unique background, has a certain look you cannot match, a people’s person, and held the biggest position in America.  Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you the third recipient of the Pop Culture HR Award…


To summarize the story of Dave, he owns a temp agency in Washington, D.C. (Georgetown to be exact) and he looked exactly like Bill Mitchell, who was President at the time, until he suffered a stroke and Bob Alexander, the Chief of Staff, hatch a plan to take over the Presidency with his agenda and using a “dummy” would make the plan go smoothly.  That did not happen as Dave became comfortable as President, set his own agenda and expose the corrupt system Bob Alexander was doing.  In the end, Dave went back to a local citizen and wants to run as councilman with the help of his temp agency staff.

There are several things that come from Dave:

  1. He came from a temp agency background, although he was put in a shady situation.  He has given hope for anyone in the HR/Recruiting world that they can handle very critical decisions.
  2. Dave delegates to the people who are experts in their field, give them a task and expect to handle the tasks given.
  3. Dave knows what is right or wrong and although might be a nice guy, he knows when it is is time to stand up and be independent.
  4. Dave wanted a jobs creations bill pass to Congress so “Everyone Works on Monday.”  He would know how to handle the stimulus.
  5. Dave has a great network and support system from his “wife” Ellen, The White House Tour Guide, The Secret Service, Vice President Gary Nance, his temp agency staff, and Phoebe Cates…oh wait.

By using his HR/Recruiting/Entrepreneurial background, Dave quickly adapt to his role, either big or small, and if he can be President of the United States, anyone in HR/Recruiting who are good can be President someday.

Here’s to you, Dave Kovic…the third recipient of the Pop Culture HR Award.

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