If I Was Running A Company…Pop Culture HR Award #9

Before I name the recipient, it has been a year since I started the Pop Culture HR Award Series.  It is one of my favorite blog posts to do.  Then, I realize that the name is just too long and the award should have a name.  After consideration, the Pop Culture HR Award is now called…


Name after the first Pop Culture HR Award recipient and NFL Draft Guru, it is fitting when the NFL Draft starts this week, people shall remember Mel Kiper all year-long.  For the recipients of the Mel Kiper, Jr. Award, they get a set of Mel Kiper’s Hair.

Onto the recipient: You might not recognize him in the streets or know who he looks like, but he is essential of creating the best shows on TV.  The winner of the Mel Kiper, Jr. Award:


At first glance for HR professionals, you know David Simon can transfer his skills from journalism to entertainment and it paying him dividends.

As executive producer and creator of great shows like HomicideThe Wire, and his new venture, Treme, Simon prefers using a realistic approach to his shows.  He prefers local actors in cities like Baltimore and New Orleans.  However, instead of using writers who can dramatize the scene, Simon usually get local writers and authors to create the screenplay and vision of Simon’s view of the subject.  The setup helps the authenticity of the show and Simon’s idea what a TV show should be.

David Simon’s vision also shape what he wants in real-life.  Simon battles many topics from reform, school, drug wars, government, and the media.  In all of the cases, Simon wants to show the decaying state of the police, the media, and the city and showing who is accountable to the struggles and how they’re messing it up.  What Simon is asking who is going to stand up and take charge? In all of the situations, the broken system has made the situation worse and people are following the system, which is outdated.  Essentially, the prisoners are controlling the asylum..

What David Simon is asking for is a leader and manager who has the onions for real change.  He is showing that there are great people in dire times, but there are no leaders to provide guidance.  David Simon is showing everyone how to not run an operation and hope your business (or city in this case) can limit your consequences.

For David Simon, the recipient of the Mel Kiper, Jr. Award and his hair (and Baltimore natives).

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