If I Was Running A Company…SHRM Playlist

Two things to know:

  1. I was going to take the week off posting because of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Conference and the holiday weekend.
  2. This is an informal post.  The how-to stuff will resume next week.

I am not there for the SHRM Conference in New Orleans as I am at home reading tweets of HR people partying, learning, sweating, and showing off the goods (you know what I mean).  Now, people will have different opinions on how the conference went if they learn something, met new people, or their experience and I’ll be interested on everyone’s thoughts about the SHRM Conference in my Google Reader and Twitter.  However, SHRM made bigger news beyond the conference.

In Tuesday’s SHRM Conference blog post, SHRM release their official song tunes on iTunes.  I know SHRM read Human Resources Puf and Stuf about music and did a great thing of releasing their general session playlist.  As for the playlist itself, two words:


At least they had Michael Jackson after what happened last week, Sheryl Crow, Goo Goo Dolls, and some New Orleans music.  However, in the Sound Opinions scale of buy it, burn it, trash it, this should of not exist.  SHRM has always said that want to progress and reach out.  If you have artists like Jonas Brothers, Jesse McCartney, Fall Out Boy (vastly overrated), The bad Linkin Park, the remix crap from Haddaway, and the other pop stuff.  That list makes me question SHRM’s progress to move forward and I do not know if SHRM will be taking serious again.  Even the Washington Nationals Music Supervisor is laughing.

However, no need to fear SHRM as I have an alternate playlist to cover your mistakes.  Let’s kick this off:

First, SHRM needs to set the tone, a positive attitude for the conference:

There will be a lot of talking in the conference and there will be new connections made:

You be attending a lot of sessions and hear a lot of speakers. If you want some rhythm on what you’re learning, get out the headphones, put one side on and the other hanging on the side.  Listen to this beat and hear the speaker talk and magic happens:

I know SHRM has a few New Orleans musicians on the playlist, which is wonderful.  I would like to add a few more:

Marc Broussard – Must Be The Water

In most HR surveys and exit interviews, people stay or go because of money.  Well, yeah. (I know it’s cheesy, but it’s so bad, it’s good)

The only thing I like about the SHRM playlist as I mention is honoring Michael Jackson.  How about the artist who truly catches the spirit of Michael Jackson.

In SHRM Conferences, there will be some negotiations

After the negotiaons are done, you feel confident that you snatch something important like stealing candy from a baby:

I know some songs on the playlist is very adult and not suitable for children.  No worries:

Then you celebrate

The conference is all over, but with social media, we will always be around:

That’s a playlist SHRM..Now, I need to figure out the playlist for next year in San Diego…or does Shamu DJ?

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  • Love the revised playlist. I’m not familiar with a couple of them but thankfully, you put the video in there for me. I will disagree with you on Fall Out Boy. I love them. Fun post!

  • @hrringleader Thanks. I’m not a fan of Fall Out Boy, but I understand why some like it. I heard them live, and let’s just say auto tone makes a huge difference.

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