If I Was Running A Company…Storytelling

I have to be honest and I’m in the minority on this: I love reading resumes.  I love to read each little detail of the applicant because you might discover a superstar or a diamond in a rough.  I understand people do not have the time to read all the resumes and keywords and the first half of the page are crucial on your resume.  However, there might be an untold story recruiters pass up.

I always feel when I’m reading a resume or going to networking events, I always try to fill in the blank or solve a puzzle for a certain client.  Of course, if the candidate does not fit on any of my clients, I forward their resume to someone else who wants to read it.  The resume is an autobiography of your working career and you are trying to find a publisher, which in this case, the company acts as your publisher.

The story has to be right the first time.  You are not going to capture everyone, but have a niche audience and focus on those people you want to gain since they have intrigue about the subject.  Tailor your resume to different areas like the …For Dummies books and promote the hell out of it from networking events to speaking engagements.  The story does not end until you found something that you want.

The point here is your autobiography never ends.  However, if you have great material from your past experiences, share it.  That is the same thing in a job search.  There are going to be many different variations of you and you have to select which one you want to share your story with.  If you are lucky, the customer (the company) might ask for an autograph and would like to interview you to know about your career.  All we want as recruiters is plot and information that will interest some or most of the audience.  Of course, do not try to be James Frey and lie that your book was factual, but in fact he had a strong imagination.  

What the customer want is a book that can be part in their bookshelves.  A company”s bookshelf shows who they are in theory, practice, and execution.  They collect the resumes they want and show it off to the rest of the world.  Let’s hope your resume is part of that collection for a certain customer to be proud of.  Of course, the customer can buyback your profile or donate it to charity, so don’t screw it up.

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