If I Was Running A Company…Swagger

Swagger is…

  • A Culture
  • A Skill
  • Not an attitude… an action
  • Not thinking, but knowing confidence
  • An infectious disease you want to have
  • People wanting to work
  • Walk the walk
  • Planning and Execution
  • Sweat
  • Going all out
  • Knowing your role and doing it well
  • Require greatness
  • Exceed extraordinary
  • Earned, not given
  • An intensity of a thousand suns
  • Not determine by the clothes and strut you carry, but the person behind the strut and wearing the clothes
  • All for one and one for all
  • Poise under pressure
  • Exuberance
  • Your Domain
  • Owning the situation
  • Not to be confused with arrogance and cockiness
  • Not an extension of swag
  • Respect
  • Setting the standard
  • Imitated and copied by others
  • Forcing the issue
  • One step ahead of everyone else
  • Shows up intrinsically and statistically
  • Believing and Representing
  • You

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