If I Was Running A Company…The Application Process

I headed back to the office for a consultancy gig of a non-profit for my own recruiting firm to do some administration stuff as well as help on the staffing, which this organization has huge changes coming up in the fiscal year.  One of my main responsibilities is posting jobs and implement my social recruiting skills.  I have posted on Twitter (as you see in the right side, I do it multiple times to see if people can see and then apply), and on Linkedin Groups.  I get a lot visitors from Twitter, but some action.  The Linkedin Groups have been very good based on quality responses I get from my Linkedin mailbox.  This is where the honeymoon ends.

In those emails, people wrote that they’re interested for the job.  I follow up saying that’s great, try to apply on the organization’s website.  If you send an email saying you’re interested in the position, what you want the recruiter to do with that email?  Recruiters won’t help you take shortcuts. Earn it by filling out a form.  It’s a lot of hard work, but I think the job seeker can handle this.

The other issue I have from the emails is some of the people who did or did not apply have ask me to send their resumes to the hiring manager and put it at the front of the line.  You know what you doing job seekers?  You’re asking for payola.  It is telling me that you’re desperate and have no confidence or patience on your job search.  If you want to be in the from of the line:

  • Go to networking events
  • Have a portfolio of your best work
  • Share your blog or Twitter page
  • Apply in confidence
  • Ask politely for help

The process should be that easy for job seekers, but sadly this behavior is contagious like the swine flu.  Just ask  Ask A Manager, I Hate HR, and myself.  My theory of why people are behaving this way is the job market is small and the only way job seekers can get an advantage is to “distract” the recruiter and hiring manager and keep their focus on them.  If you want a job that badly, act like an adult by filling out the form, wait like everyone else and when it’s your turn, do something.  If you’re lucky, the employer can give you a lollipop.

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