If I Was Running A Company…A Revolution

It seems appropriate that we are talking about a revolution since the Inauguration is this week and a President that is eager to shake things up when Obama gets in office. There has been a lot of talk in the HR community of changing HR and there should be a revolution going on. Well, I got news for everyone…A revolution has come.

There are some companies that still prefer the old style of business and that’s fine if they’re making revenue and profit; some prefer new, creative ways; and some prefer a hybrid of old and new together.  However, there should be one person who can revolutionize HR: the president.

I know HR has a bunch of ideas to share to their president (or CEO, Founder, Owner) on improving their company and make their organization attractive. But let’s get real; most companies see HR as the internal police, not the creative forces. This is where the president vision comes in play. If you want a blue-collar, basic environment, then you go to a “traditional” president. If you want someone who has an open mind and is a collaborator, then you got a “visionary” president.

If HR wants a revolution, do not look at your own department or your own employees since they have their own agenda. The president has to explain what his/her views are and if they follow up what they do. The president can do all the talk they want, but employees want to see you walk to earn that trust that you can run this company.

I know this from past experience…actually last week when my former company needed my services for a few weeks and the atmosphere changed when a new president stepped in. When I left, internal politics was strong in the organization. This past week when I came back, the company has become transparent, let go of poor performing employees, and the good employees were happy in a long time. This almost made me want head back to the cubicle (I said almost).

As an HR employee, I would ask of what should the company improve and how can the company implement it. The president should take in the information is given and decide from there.  Face it, the President is the change agent of the company either by name or by example.  If you’re happy about the direction, stay. If not, you decide that you want to stay for other reasons (majority of the answer is money, let’s end that discussion), or you want to pursue better opportunities.

So if you want a revolution, the ball is in your court and you alone.

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