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  • Dude, sampling is a great idea, and I think your right as to the benefits to all involved. It totally gets my vote.

    The other problem I have with conferneces, is the speakers (well let me step back, I’m in recruiting so my comments represent those speakers) tend to come from companies with unlimited coffers and because of that an amazing brand presences. I’m personally sick of hearing about Microsofts recruiting, I want to hear about the challanges that companies like mine are having, very limited funds, doing more with truly less, and building brand awareness when your are not a $100B company.

  • @Puf There are speakers like that, but conferences want to attract big companies, hence Microsoft and others. I agree that speakers play some factor and if on-air, they become a dud, then you’re losing an audience, so organizers need to be selective who they want to stream.

    I’m going to mention this next week, but we’re heading into a small business revolution 2.0 and the biggest job growth is small businesses. I think we need more of those speakers since people don’t know there are hidden gems.

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