If I Was Running A Company…Social Media

I usually do this segment on Monday, but I was doing a presentation on this same topic with job seekers today and I was amazed by the responses.  Most of the job seekers are Linkedin users, which is fine since this was a job seekers group.  I was stunned that a few have used Facebook and one has use Twitter.  This signals one thing…the company needs to open up. 

Since we have a President who will admit that he screwed up, companies need to develop a personna that would attract to customers, vendors, and potential employees and social media is one of them.  I would have talking points (the Curb Your Enthusiasm version, not the GOP version) and then have your employee spin it however they want.  I understand there are some consequences of having an open company, but I think it’s great there’s a healthy internal debate.  It makes the company more humanizing and that is all I want for business is that companies are humans, not drones. 

I want employees to spend at least one hour of social networking  for new businesses, contacts, employees, anything.   I want employees to attend at least one networking event a year (not involving their own employees), and I want them to open up about our business.   The overall point of social media is engagement and I want to keep continuing that message.

Finally, I want my company to be ahead of the game.  We have passed three phases of the web.  Here’s the next phase:

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