If I Was Running A Company…The Decision

I hate doing this post because it involves The Bachelor.  There are two reasons The Bachelor interest me last week: 1) It snowed in D.C., so I was stuck in the house, and 2) the Twitter server went down a few times because of 24 and Bachelor talk (thanks ladies and a couple of guys).

If you all saw it, you know what happen and I don’t want to repeat myself.  Here’s a summary if your interested.  So, what does last part of this season’s Bachelor have to do with this post?  Well, there will be a moment that you have to make a decision of getting a new job or stay with the company, or two similar jobs with two different companies.

To eliminate some or most of the trouble, you can do tons of research on the person you’re going to work for, the actual work you might do, money and benefits, the past company history, statistics, the company mood, the people, location and my personal favorite… other.  If you still can’t make a decision, well tough luck, you have to make one. 

You’re going to break someone’s heart by making this decision and that’s true in business and personal life.  You have to make the right decision for yourself that you would be comfortable with, or if you’re very slick…be a polygamist (consultant).

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