If I Was Running A Company…The Perfect Interview

The perfect interview is very easy to answer: when the employer offers you the position.  However, what would lead to the perfect interview, or eventually, an offer?

I ponder this question because I was volunteering at the Goodwill of Greater Washington and volunteer to help out the job seekers to practice their interviewing skills.  After the session was over, David Amoroso, the Employment Skills Trainer at the Goodwill of Greater Washington, asks me what is the perfect interview.  I knew the answer, but the answer sounds condescending and needed deeper thought.   The first thing that popped in my mind is chemistry between  the interviewer and interviewee.  While thinking about it more, I was right.

You can do all the preparation, scripts, practicing, handling the nuiances and the other stuff to prepare for the interview.  However, it’s genuine chemistry, especially during these times, makes a difference of getting a job.

To create chemistry, you have to do some research.  The first thing you research is which companies and industries you want to work for, then look up who is doing the hiring for the position you applied to, then the fun begins.

It used to be find a job, interview, and get lucky if the company made an offer.  Now these days, it is who you know in the company that your applying for.  Although you might not know anyone in the company, technology and social media have made it easier for the hiring manager and applicant to relate.  Linkedin is perfect to know the background of the hiring manager, but what job seekers should look into is if the hiring manage has a blog and/or Twitter.  Some hiring managers use their account to talk about their industry views or personal life.  Use that information and carry it to the interview since you know the conversational flow of the hiring manager.  For example, if someone looks into my blog and/or Twitter, they would know I talk about the Caps, nonprofits, HR, and Tony Kornheiser.  The applicant should use the information and carry it to the interview so you don’t feel out of place.  If you don’t have a Linkedin or Twitter account, I would start one now not because it’s popular, but free information is given to you.

In an interview, do not come thinking they care about your skills and abilities;  go there thinking this is a two-way conversation.  The chemistry will decide if you get an offer.

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