If I Were Running A Company…Assessment Tests (Promo Alert)

I’m not a big assessment test person. There are many questions that are in-between, you have to select one answer and you’re not sure if it’s the answer you want. One little answer affects the result. Now, there’s some questions about the validity of personality tests, like Myers-Briggs, if they really capture the person accurately.

This confirms my opinion that assessment tests are a bunch of crock (looking at you, a certain University Career Center). However, there was one test I took that puts a different perspective on this.

I tried Project Fascination, created by Sally Hogshead, who is promoting a new book, How The World Sees You, where how others see (or perceive to see) you at work. I took the test, seeing my other HR professionals have done it and it doesn’t give me an explanation about myself, but what others see me. It gives your primary advantage, your secondary advantage, and your dormant advantage.

The result they gave to me is that I’m the “Quick-Start,” who are innovative and alert, although my least effective trait is trust. You can read my full report here. Have to say that’s pretty accurate. Now if they have this for dating…

You can too see what others see you by filling out the form, here, for the first 100 people signed up to take the test using the promo code: BL-pudgeyt (have my name as the username is lame, although, I should of gone with thispersonstinks) and share to the world how the world sees you by using the hashtag, #HowTheWorldSeesYou.

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