If I Were Running A Company…”Assistant”

Many in my HR inner circle have many things they want to eliminate:

There is one thing I want to eliminate that HR has not think about and that is the title, “assistant.”

I think the assistant title has outgrown its use and now sounds derogatory. Think about it,  an assistant does the same work as an intern, but the difference is they get paid a salary for doing an intern’s work: clerical, data-entry, helping out in the meeting, etc.

“Assistant” also sounds like your kissing up to the supervisor and you do whatever is told. An intern must do that because they’re learning. Does an assistant need to be given a lesson, in the grand scheme of things?

“Assistant” will become an obsolete term because the recent graduates are now aware what to expect from talking to alumni and access to information. The recent graduates are risk-takers, doers, and eventually, have experience in the workforce as an intern either by choice or curriculum.

Here are some words to replace the term “assistant”

  • Coordinator
  • Jr. Partner
  • Guide
  • Intermediate
  • 4th Line/Sixth Man
  • Jack/Jill

We should treat people, who are coming in the workforce for the first time, as an equal. They still do mundane stuff, but you need them to help move the business since they have ideas that you have to think of doing.

You want to be a company of action, not hierarchy.

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