If I Were Running A Company…Big Data (Again)

I have been going back and forth on big data. There has been tons of blog posts about big data, including from my marketing and HR friends and one thing is clear: big data is here to stay.

With the “big bang” of big data; companies, government, institutions and others will use data to look at patterns of our behavior like what route we took and how fast we’re going, credit card payments, how much people drink at your restaurant, basically recording everyday life. This gives organizations data on how to market individuals and groups to retain their business.

Another great thing about big data is it can discover new things. As you see the video above, big data can discover your DNA sequencing and help third world countries discover areas to get water and clothing no one realize it exists.

On the down side, people who are on big data, are focusing too much on patterns. Big data assumes people will keep doing the same thing and “gaming” our emotions. Another down side is big data is focusing on others, but not themselves. Instead of focusing on their craft, some use to optimize their audience/customer reaction.

My verdict on big data is it depends on how we use data. If you use data for long-term effects, big data becomes very useful and the data becomes satisfying. If you use data for short-term gain like making a profit or capture an emotion, you lose track of who you are.

We made clear big data is here to stay. Here’s another thing that is clear but no one realizes: not one pattern stays forever. Eventually, someone or something will break the pattern. It is up to us of what we’re going to do.

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