If I Were Running A Company…Burnout

Written by Tracy

Andrew Sullivan announced that he will be leaving the blogosphere, full-time, for 15 years to spend time in the real world. Andrew is considered a pioneer in the blogging world for giving his views on current events, in real time, and was one of the first bloggers to link other stories from authors to give credit for. Without Andrew, I wouldn’t know most of the authors and start reading them. When someone asks about which HR/business blog I read, the first thing I tell them is Andrew Sullivan’s “The Dish” for the variety of opinions he brings to the blog, including workplace and economic posts.

Then, Jon Stewart announces he’s leaving The Daily Show after 16 years. He announced that he wants someone to take charge everyday and he did everything he could on the format.

What both experienced is a burnout. They did their best, but in the end, they ran out of gas.

For most sites, they will give you tips on how to prevent burnout. This is not the blog post to tell you that. Here’s what I’m telling you that burnout eventually happens. The only reason we want the person staying in the company for a long time is for our selfish reasons, either professional or personal.

You can have more vacations, more money, more responsibilities in the same company you work with for a long time, but you will be still be taking the same routes, the same routines, and working in the same building. You can blame that on time and technology.

Here is one tip I will give for companies dealing with employee burnout: enjoy the ride. Do not worry about how to keep your employees happy or how to reduce turnover because that will make work worse. Enjoy the person you hired and hopefully they grow into an employee that you expect to be and beyond. Even if they leave the company, they are still a representative to your company, if you treat them right. As the od adage goes, “If you love someone or something, set it free.”

I’ll admit it is selfish that my favorite blogger is leaving and most are unhappy about Jon Stewart leaving, but two things both did: they enjoy the ride and they’ll be back again. Burnout is not the end, it’s a reset.


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