If I Were Running A Company…Certifications

In current HR news, SHRM dropped a bombshell that they’re starting their own certification program after SHRM and HRCI did not agree on a revamped certification program. SHRM accuses HRCI of not getting with the times and HRCI accuses SHRM of try to profit and trying to takeover the program.

I’ll be honest, I thought HRCI was affiliated with SHRM since they’re in the same building and share the same HR logo. I don’t know any profession that has it’s own logo. Doesn’t that make our profession somewhat pretentious?

SHRM release a statement why it’s personal to them, HRCI gave a rebuttal, and SHRM responded by uninvited HRCI to this year’s SHRM Conference in Orlando. This has become a huge mess in HR and you know who’s the biggest loser of this spat? People in HR.

HR professionals have to decide either to get a PHR, SPHR, GPHR; the new SHRM certification, or both? What would the employers prefer and are they willing to pay?

I have stated this for a long time, and it needs to be repeated, but why you need to be HR certified? I understand why accountants, doctors, and lawyers have to be certified, but why HR? The reason for this is some still have no idea what HR does.

HR falls into three categories: administrative, tactical, and strategic. To me, the tactical part of HR (legal, compliance, etc.) is why certification is important because it shows you know the law and ground rules of the workplace. Do you really need to be certified to be strategic? There’s only one way to be certified, strategically in HR: respect from your co-workers.

I rather have co-workers tell me what needs to be done to make the workplace better (recruiting, staffing, training and development, negotiations) than act as the internal police. This is why I think SHRM needs to stop focusing on the profession and focus on how the profession can help industries/businesses.

Do not get me wrong, I think compliance is important. I would think since there are a few lawyers out in the market, why not have them in to take the compliance side. I just think HR’s real focus is on the strategic side to improve business.

We won’t know who will prevail in the SHRM-HRCI spat. I just know one thing: the profession took a step back and it’s up to each HR individual, not SHRM or HRCI, to be the face of HR.

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