If I Were Running A Company…Election Day

Today in Virginia, Virginians will select their new governor. As we learned in the past month, the people who we vote in, do have an effect on the workplace.

You know my stance on Election Day, but for some, people don’t vote because they don’t like the government, the people who run, or it won’t affect their lives. Sadly with the healthcare debacle and the government shutdown, elected officials do affect our lives.

People need to understand that although the world has gone global, politics is local. In each district and state, we select individuals to decide what direction their area wants to move to. However, like mostly in recruiting, we vote within our networks (or in this case, their political parties) instead of voting for the best person who can 1) represent the state/district and 2) collaborate and compromise that not only benefits their area, but in other area in the U.S.

This post might sound naive, but if Congress (U.S. and state) can ever compromise and accept each others’ differences, then we would have a functioning government. Instead, we see the same thing and it’s everyone at fault: Senate, House, political parties, and most of all: us. We say we want change, but tend to stick to the status quo because we want to be comfortable. Even you don’t like the candidates on the ballot, there is one other option: write-in.

If you’re voting today, vote for the best candidate who can represent Virginia. You don’t have to vote who’s on the ballot; use your voting power on who deserves to be governor, not the party. They’re going to shape not only their government, but your business.

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