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A few months ago at my church, my priest gave a sermon about why people line up to Apple more than going to church. His reason is people want to make life easy and don’t want to do the effort. They believe the iPad/iPhone will solve all problems. First, the reason people are not going to church is not technology; it is about their stringent views and lack of willing to evolve in the current world. However, this post is not about religion.

Although the priest goes on a rant about technology, the base of his argument is that people are not going out there to experience it and this is where the priest and I meet eye-to-eye.  If you want to get something done, you have to be out there. You need someone to talk to have a feel for where you are. What technology does is to to post our experiences and share them to the world to give hope (or jealously) for others to go to that place.

Another example that it’s different between online and offline is poker. In online poker, you can be more aggressive since it is randomized and any card is a good hand. In live poker, there are so many factors to play: your cards, the players surrounding them, the dealer, betting styles, the atmosphere, their tells…and that’s the basics of it.

I’m all for technology that will benefit what we do, but don’t do it for pleasure for having the newest gadget out there. Use technology to share your experiences to everyone so they can come by the next time they are there. Pictures, tweets, videos are great, experience it yourself is a whole different environment you should try.

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