If I Were Running A Company…Favor The Bold

Written by Tracy

Last week, I attended recruitDC for Spring 2014. This one was a bit more anticipated than most because Laurie Ruettimann was the keynote speaker and she will speak her mind in a very stuffy town, depending where you live.

Laurie Ruettimann

Knowing Laurie for over six years, what you read her on Punk Rock HR, The Cynical Girl, and now (just) Laurie Ruettimann, is what you get onstage. She discuss that we should not promote ourselves as brands, but be out there networking or talk about a random subject like cats like we’re a brand. Share what’s important to you and people will come. To me, this is nothing new as I agree with Laurie that you don’t separate accounts to distinguish your professional and personal accounts, but for others in that conference, this is a great reminder that it’s alright to take risks that could lead to new, and possibly better opportunities.


Opower was there to discuss their recruiting and sourcing stories.

Of note: Opower is one of the ten companies I wanted to work for since they sponsored an event at DC Week (tech conference) a few years ago. I have applied there and got an interview, but was not offered. It is still a cool company.

Two significant things happen in this session. The first is Opower will switch their ATS from Jobvite to Greenhouse and from seeing a sample what Greenhouse does, this might be the elaborate and robust ATS system I’ve seen so far. It give you details of source of hire, cost, and time, but it goes advance metrics with hours spent on each task like interviews and references. It also gives a percentage breakdown of quality candidates on each source. In addition, if someone makes a referral and the person gets hired, they get a gift card supplied by Greenhouse. That’s insane and genius. I want to see how Opower will use it to their advange.

The second is the sourcing part of Opower. They use 360Social.me and Connectifier to source talent. However, it wasn’t about the presentation, which was informative. It’s the thought I had about sourcing:

I find it interesting that dating sites have been more progressive on finding and connecting with people than HR Tech vendors.

The Special Entertainment

RecruitDC had a special entertainment guest. This is it (hat tip to Brenden Wright):

Recruiting and Improv with Matt Grove

You wouldn’t think improv and recruiting go together, but Matt Grove made a convincing argument since in both, you have to learn on the fly and it’s about storytelling. He uses Pixar’s example of how companies should tell their stories to job seekers:


The Candidate Experience

Three local candidates (Lockheed Martin, Capital One, and General Dynamics IT) that won The Candidate Experience Awards were up, with Gerry Crispin, to discuss how each handles the candidate experience. The part that struck me is Capital One has data on everything: from sources, job candidate surveys, and recruiter evaluation. It’s true the little things do add up to something big.

The Spring 2014 recruitDC Conference theme was about authenticity and being bold. Authenticity is a buzzword people use in presentations, but sometimes, they don’t back it up. The only way to know if they’re authentic is talking or seeing them for yourself. One person might be disrespectful to me, but is a good friend to another. Authenticity should always be tested and people have their own views of who they want as friends and/or employees.

Overall, another great conference from recruitDC and the twitter feed was more informative than years past because of the great content in this conference. Hope it continues in the Fall event.

In Memory of Sean Lyons

recruitDC and the D.C. area recruiting community is honoring the life of Sean Lyons. Please donate to the Sean Lyons Memorial Fund.

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