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In the past month, I went to three conferences: HRA-NCA (Washington DC SHRM Chapter), YNPNdc, and recruitDC. Three different conferences, but all three  had two main takeaways: personal development and companies need to be social. This two things lead to one main idea I learned this month.

Ladies and gentlemen…we are in the middle of the free agency period.

Free agency is where people can disrupt an organization, for better or worse; people can talk to anyone without major repercussions; you can join with your people/organization at anytime; everybody is an ambassador, a recruiter, and available at anytime. Free agency is where prisoners rule the asylum. Free agency breeds chaos that companies wish to have under control. This is where most companies are falling behind.

Companies use to prefer to handle control through marketing, branding, PR. With technology, social media, and mobile; companies have almost lost controlling their message. Companies need to start realizing people are pushing the brand, not the product. Companies need to do better on how to better care with their employees. An idea has its moment, but people (even one person) can have long-lasting effects towards your organization (Just do a search on Google and Facebook and you will be amaze).

The three conferences I attended get it that people (inside and out) control the message. Other departments like finance, marketing, communications and others understand people control the message. Does the C-Suite get it? Some do, some don’t; but they have to realize they are also part of the free agent frenzy. Every move they make, it will be documented and one false move and it will explode through the media channels. Just ask the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

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