If I Were Running A Company…Generosity

This would normally be a post on nonprofit HR, but this can be considered in the spirit of nonprofit HR.

As you know, the federal government is shutdown and over 800,000 workers are in furloughs. The government employees can’t work because Congress can’t compromise on a budget, which is really about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Although government workers have to listen to the people who are incompetent of doing their own job, they do their job. Now with the shutdown, workers can’t do anything…or can they.

I vaguely remember what happened the last time the government was shutdown in 1995, but I know there were fewer options to hang out than today. However, businesses are repaying government workers for their money by giving them discounts or free stuff (here and here). Part of the reason for these discounts is businesses want to have repeat business and reel in interested customers. The main reason some businesses in the D.C. area has these deals because most work paycheck-to-paycheck and with no paycheck for a while, business services (retail, restaurants, events) act as a support group and getaway for hard-working government workers.

Sometimes (or mostly, depending on your point of view) businesses and government can be cruel and the shutdown is terrible for everyone, it shows also who hearts is in the right place. Now, I’m jealous I’m not a government employee.

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