If I Were Running A Company…#GivingTuesday

This post coincides not only with #GivingTuesday, but the official launch of Recruit4Cause

#GivingTuesday is the answer to all the buying on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, it is the day you give back. After trampling people, the turkey and leftovers wear off, traveling, and find the cheapest deals online, you reflect and do something that is good in your heart. I think #GivingTuesday is a great idea because people have to think what they have done and what can they do that they have not done this year. It’s like a penance (or reprieve) to do something good before the new year.

Cynical people will believe that people donating money and other goods this time of year is because they want tax breaks and reduce how much they pay to Uncle Sam. Although that is true to some extent, the tax break isn’t that much.

People (and companies) give because they do care about others and want to give them an opportunity to shine. Yes, we are still an individualistic society in the U.S. and we have to look ourselves first, but we have more caring people who want to help out and make a difference. The issue with that is dysfunction and bureaucracy in our government has cause people to start their own enterprises and create models the government wish they can have. That is why people starting their own social businesses and going into nonprofits because they want to make a difference.

Another way to make a difference is some prefer working with private companies so they can donate money to charities and have their name out. What charities and organizations need the most is resources of money and people to help out on the mission.

There are many ways to give: donate money, volunteer, contributing, being a board member, and others. Understand giving is the easy part. It is why you give is the question. You need to find a purpose of why you’re giving to a certain charity. It could be an individual, a personal memory, company cause, studying, anything that has meaning to you that you’re willing to give.

So today, do give but I hope you stick to the cause for a long time because giving is only halfway to the goal.

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